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A Business all about Love

If you share our belief that each couple is special and unique and therefore each wedding should be different in order to reflect the couple’s bond of love and every aspect of their personalities then Welcome to ZANTE DREAM WEDDINGS as this is the way we work.

We pride ourselves on being imaginative and originally inventive in creating unique unforgettable events for the most important day of your lives.

We achieve this by establishing a true relationship between us that helps you share your dream with us but it also helps us to unfold our creativity in making your dream come true. The planning process that follows becomes exciting and stress free.

We love being part of such a personal, joyful and emotional journey and we cherish the relationship that we build with you and your families that often lasts beyond the planning period and the actual day of the wedding. (link to some relevant comments)

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A little bit about our company

Zante Dream Weddings was established over ten years ago, as part of
Irida photostudio - a much older and very well reputed company

Irida Studio’s many years of experience in the field of wedding photography / videography and intimate knowledge and understanding of wedding requirements naturally evolved into a full wedding service by branching out with Zante Dream Weddings to include wedding planning and organizing of events

Zante Dream Weddings and Irida Studio are two inter-linked departments of an officially registered and legally licensed company, operated by a team of dedicated wedding qualified professionals who work closely together to provide a full Wedding Planning Service as well as Wedding Photography / Videography of high standards.

This joined venture of a group of talented professionals who have put their artistry and experience into the field of weddings has proven to be very successful, effective and beneficial for our couples giving a lot more choices and options.

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Meet Your Wedding Planner

I am Greek, born on the island of Zakinthos, an artist and qualified wedding planner with a Middlesex University degree in Art and Design and a Diploma in wedding planning from the Institute of Professional Wedding Planners for UK and Europe.

I am defined by my creativity, dedication to perfection and unique style but above all my ability to multi-task, be inventive and tirelessly hard working. Couples and suppliers alike refer to me as a caring, warm hearted person. My answer to that is simply that I am a Zakynthian Greek. Read Reviews

Upon finishing High School I left Greece with a scholarship to study Art and Design in London where I graduated with an Honour’s Degree and later lived and worked in the UK for many years before returning to the roots. This has given me valuable experience and deep insight into both the Greek and British mentalities.

It has helped me develop ...perfect understanding of your needs and expectations as well as an intimate knowledge of the local conditions.

This is a guarantee that I can offer you the best of both worlds: reliability, high professional standards and top service, coupled with the Mediterranean warmth, hospitality, friendliness and access to the best local suppliers and services.

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